Old Town Lewisville Ghost Tour 7:30p.m., Saturday Sept. 24th


Start time 7:30 p.m. 90 minute walking tour. Learn the history of Old Town and experience ghost hunting from the Psychic’s point of view with ghost hunting equipment.
We will meet you in front of the Tavern on the Plaza located at 165 W. Main st., Lewisville, Tex 75057.



Ghost tourist will be treated to a tour of Old Town Lewisville which dates back to the late 1800’s. Learn what it is like for a soul to be condemned to an eternity of unsettled wondering.
Cindy Ross is your psychic tour guide and Howard Gunn will be your paranormal technical support for the evening.  You can expect your psychic to put you up close and personal with the dead as you get to communicate with the spirits who still roam Main st.  Cindy will give you the psychic’s hack on how to intuit the dead like she does.  Guest do get to use ghost hunting equipment.
Come prepared with good walking shoes/running shoes.  Have your cellphones/cameras  fully charged for we do get quite a number of the unexplained in our pictures!  We do make several stops along the way to visit and feel the energies with the local businesses.  Bring pocket money to sample the local flair of the wine bars, and coffee house if you desire.


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