Intro to Tarot & Tarot Practice Group


Intro to Tarot Class & Practice Group

Last Tuesday 6 p.m. Monthly @ Brigay’s in Grapevine, TX

Tarot is a practice so no matter your level of experience there is room to learn more.  Come and learn one of the best known crafts to unlocking your own intuitive knowledge.  One hour instruction to learning the basics of the tarot and practicing your skills on others.  Join the resident psychic medium of Brigay’s Cindy Ross as she shares her own brand of easy tarot with you.  Cindy is also the owner and professional psychic of Gateway Ghost Tours listed as the best ghost tour in North Texas.  She has been reading the tarot professionally for over 30 years and will be sharing her insights to unlocking the mystery of the Tarot for you.



A Tarot Class For All Levels of Experience

Learn to read the future and answer the questions that you have about yourself and the world around you.   Anyone can tap into their intuitive abilities the fast and easy way by using the tarot cards.  This is a fun and informative class providing you with the basic skills you need to start you on your own esoteric journey.  This is also intended to be a practice group for anyone no matter your level of skill.  We can all learn form each other.  You can never stop learning when it comes to the mysteries of the tarot.
You will be divining your own path and seeing the future for those around you.  Find the guidance to real life concerns from love, career and finances with one deck of cards.  There is nothing the cards cannot answer.
You will need a tarot deck for this class.  An easy deck to learn with is the basic Rider Waite tarot deck or the Robin Wood Tarot which can be purchased at Brigay’s Unique Goods.  Bring a notepad and pen and you will be set to unlock the answers to your future and your friends.
  Class Cost $30       Meet up the last Tuesday of the month, 6:00 p.m. Location:  Brigay’s Unique Goods,  411 S. Main st., Grapevine, TX.   Follow me on Instagram @ Pleiadianstarsister   and on Facebook @ The Pleiadian School of Learning.



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