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Tickets $32.50 Purchase tickets for the Old Town Ghost Tour of Old Town Lewisville 

Special Event Tours Range in Price According to Event  

We are alerted once your ticket purchase is accepted and your name will be added to the guest list.   You will always be put on the first available tour unless specified by specialty events.  If you are purchasing tickets other than the first Saturday tour available then please note that at the time of purchase and look for a confirmation email from us alerting you to the tour you are scheduled for.  If you need help please call 972-922-4675.

Gateway Ghost Tours: Old Town, Lewisville, TX

Welcome to Gateway Ghost Tours located in Lewisville Texas just north of the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Your local psychic tour guide, Cindy Ross & paranormal investigator Howard Gunn welcome you. This is a 90 minute after dark tour through Old Town Lewisville. You can join the Gateway Ghost Tour of Old Town on Saturday evenings starting at sundown call 972-922-4675 or check our facebook page for exact times.  Always check our Facebook page at Gateway Ghost Tours for the up to date times.  We will meet you on the porch of Tierney’s Cafe located at 208 E. Main st., Lewisville, Texas  75057.

The tour will discuss the ghosts we encounter as well as the true history of Lewisville beginning in the 1800′s to the present day. By doing this it is easier for us to understand the ghostly sightings that we continue to experience on a regular basis.  Patrons of Gateway Ghost Tours will get to experience the ghostly energy through the eyes of the Psychic.  Ghost meters are available on the walking tour and our ghost enthusiast’s will also be able to enjoy hands on experience the old fashion way with the use of pendulums and divining rods.

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