Howard Gunn: Paranormal Investigator, Gateway Ghost Tours

Technical support and paranormal investigator Howard Gunn has a keen interest in the New Age and the unexplainable.  Howard is Australian born with 6 generations of Australian heritage.  His background in Medical Science has been a great help with the analytical assessment of the paranormal phenomenon on the tours.  Howard’s  experience and first hand accounts of ghostly encounters have been caught on camera and he is quick to point out what is a true paranormal occurrence!

Also Linda, Howard’s wife captured one of the first true apparitions with only a cellphone.  The picture has been analyzed by many experts and to this day the image has not been debunked.   Linda and Howard are the owners of the Ghost Girl full color image taken on my tour and Gateway Ghost Tours has the exclusive right to share and use the image.  Anyone else using the picture is in violation of the owners wishes and do so at the risk of legal action!