Ghost Tour of Old Town Lewisville with Psychic Medium Cindy Ross

Welcome to Gateway Ghost Tours, The Best Ghost Tour Experience in DFW. The Original Ghost Tour of Old Town Lewisville where the past meets the paranormal through the eyes of the psychic! Gateway Ghost Tours invites you to celebrate our 6th season of operation with local psychic Cindy Ross.  Enjoy the charm of Old Town Lewisville which dates back to the 1800’s and see for yourself what ghostly spirits still reside on Main Street.  Our ghost enthusiast get hands on experience with ghost meters and dowsing rods and the professional psychic’s intuition for the full paranormal ghost encounter!   We do get the supernatural in our photos so be sure your cell phones and cameras have fully charged batteries when you arrive.  If you have professional ghost equipment you are welcome to bring it.  This is a 90 minute walking tour presenting you with the history of Old Town so you can better understand the paranormal happenings of the area.

Your local psychic, Cindy Ross and paranormal expert Howard Gunn welcome you. This is a 90 minute after dark tour through Old Town Lewisville. You can join the Ghost Tour of Old Town Lewisville, most Saturday evenings starting at sundown.  

The tour will discuss not just the ghosts, but the true history of the Lewisville area beginning in the 1800′s to the present day. By doing this it is easier to understand the ghost sightings that continue to occur on a regular basis. Ghost finding equipment is available for your experience on the tour.  Also our ghost enthusiast’s will get the hack on how to see the ghosts like the psychic does!

Tickets starting at $30

Goatman’s Bridge Investigation and Tour

Saturday June 25th walk back in time as you cross the Old Alton bridge built in 1884 also known as “Goatman’s Bridge.”  Hear the legend and uncover the secrets of the infamous bridge if you dare.  Psychic Cindy Ross and her crew will be on hand to guide you into this paranormally charged zone.  Ghost hunting equipment is available to put you up front with the spirits who still haunt the area. The encounters we have here are restless, tormented souls so beware!       Tour start time:  8:00 p.m.   For location you will need to put Old Alton Bridge, Lantana, TX in your GPS.  This is a city park and is in Denton County


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Start time:  8:00 p.m. 

Location:  Old Alton Bridge, Lantana, TX. 76226
Call or text for help or more info.  972-922-4675

Tickets $32.50 per person


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Cynthia Ross


 Private Tours are available with many options to choose from.  Contact us with your interest and see what Ghostly Spirits we can stir up for you and your group.

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Want to check out the world of the paranormal?  The paranormal is a large part of Cindy’s profession. She is the Owner/Lead Paranormal Investigator at Gateway Ghost Tours in Old Town Lewisville TX, the number 1 rated Ghost Tour business in North Texas. Building it from the ground up she offers her guest a glimpse into Texas’s Wild West past through the eyes of the psychic. She weaves the history with her psychic abilities so her guest can understand the paranormal occurrences.

An accomplished psychic and channel Cindy provides you her connection with the Universal realm. She easily taps into the lives of her clients with the most important information coming through on all levels past, present and future, as well as any other guidance Spirit is offering. Cindy is also an instructor of the intuitive arts for the past 15 years and has been reading the tarot for over 30 years for a select clientele.

Trained as an Advanced Theta® Practitioner her intuitive abilities have helped many in the areas of healing the mind, spirit and body. She is always receiving messages from her guides and those who have passed on.  This has made for an interesting life journey, especially when it comes to those who have departed.  It seems that part of her life mission is to be an interpreter for the dead helping the living understand what death is really all about. Of course, in Cindy’s world there is no death and what interesting stories the dead do tell!

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